Nesara will be instituted very shortly after trump is announced as President of the Republic. I expect Trump to be announced late March early April. I expect it will be late April early June that Nesara will be in effect. The Federal Reserve is completely bankrupt. Beware, someone sent me pics of the new Nesara note. It was not. It still had Federal Reserve Note on it. The new notes that we will be traded for the FRN will be the United States Treasury Note. It will be automatic at the bank.

Most of you know that all the gold has been confiscated out of the Vatican. There is also a tunnel that exists between the Vatican and Jerusalem which has pallet after pallet full of gold estimated to be in the sextillion dollar range. They have not completed getting it out yet. It is a massive undertaking. The operation which got the gold out of the Vatican took 64 Galaxy class jumbo jets to fly it out and it was estimated at 34 quadrillion Dollars.

I was told that all of this will be given back to the world. Just speaking of the 34, if every person in the world was given their share, everyone would get one million dollars. I have not done the math on that so I cannot confirm the validity. I don’t do math without a calculator and I don’t have a calculator that is capable of going that high.

The video in the last post said there will be new elections. That is not true. Trump has already been sworn in. It is true that the real Biden & Hunter, both Clintons, Both Bushes, Cheney, McCain, both Obama’s, The Pope and all the cardinals at the Vatican, and many more have been executed and what you are seeing now are body doubles, clones, androids, along with CGI and holograms.

I am very calm, I am happy because I KNOW that Trump is our real president and he will be announced very soon. I know this other is all fake. I know the Pharma’s went rogue on the vaxxx*ines. I won’t be taking any of them. I have friends who have already taken it. There is nothing I could say to them to prevent that. I just have to let it go and pray, pray, pray, they will be ok.


Fascinating reveal of the significance of the Trump presidency and the very behind the scenes battle to reposition the United States back onto the gold standard while addressing pedophilia and corruption on a massive global scale. Vatican integrally involved! Must watch video!!

Apparently at the meeting on May 24, 2017 President Trump presented Pope Francis with massive evidence of malfeasance and insisted the Pope sign off on relinquishing control of the Federal Reserve (!?) to him.


See Gesara News (note NESARA refers to National, GESARA refers to Global) and watch Charlie Ward on NESARA

The Federal Reserve, Rothschild, and Vatican Banking Cartels – Forbidden History

A feature showing the history (never taught in public schools) of how the oligarchs got control of the US government and the system of money. The reason you’ve probably never heard this information is the decision of the same oligarchs in 1914, that they must get control of the educational system as well, to prevent a reversion of the US system to a Constitutional basis. (source site:

What About the Sinking of the Titanic?

Certain conspiracy theorists believe that there was a force behind the sinking of the Titanic. A Catholic order known as the Jesuits compelled to carry out Jesus’ work. In this instance, theorists believe that the establishment of the U.S. Federal Reserve was ushered into being. Those in belief of the theory speak of a group of Illuminati, enlightened individuals with a plan for a New World Order, in which it will be necessary to establish the Federal Reserve. Many are unclear on what exactly the Federal Reserve is…

Pope Francis issues law reorganizing Vatican finances

Vatican City, Dec 28, 2020 / 05:10 am MT (CNA).- Pope Francis issued a new law Monday reorganizing Vatican finances following a series of scandals. 

In a document issued Dec. 28, the pope formalized the transfer of financial responsibilities from the Vatican’s Secretariat of State to the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA), which functions as the Holy See’s treasury and sovereign wealth manager.

He first announced the shake-up in an Aug. 25 letter to Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin that was made public on Nov. 5 after the Secretariat of State was engulfed by accusations of financial mismanagement.

The pope promulgated the new law in an apostolic letter issued motu proprio (“on his own impulse”).