Rudy Giuliani (@RudyGiuliani), Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis and others provided the opening legal arguments how election fraud can be clearly demonstrated in the November 3rd election in several states. Following is a recap of the key points discussed. The team indicated each of these and more will be explored in detail in legal filings soon to follow.


Affidavit:  A voluntarily sworn declaration of written facts, provided under penalty of perjury. Affidavits are commonly used to present evidence in court.

Dominion Voting Systems and / or Smartmatic software programs were used in 28 states throughout the US processing votes in the 2020 election November 3.

Rudy Giulani


  • Republican election inspectors were pushed out of voting venues; statutes clearly afford this opportunity. Question stands as to why Pennsylvania would not allow inspections as clearly mandated by law (Section 417 of the Code, 25 P.S. § 2687, outlines the rights of duly appointed poll watchers.)
  • The process of opening mail-in ballots was not allowed to be viewed, a crucial measure because this decouples the ballot from the signature that provides proper validation
  • Trump voters were not allowed to fix mistakes; whereas Democrat voters were treated differently – they were contacted by poll workers in certain precincts to return to to the polling site to correct inconsistencies!
  • Pittsburgh precincts contacted Democrat voters to maximize ‘provisional’ votes; clear evidence of fraud presents itself where 15,000 out of 17,000 ballots involved were all people declaring they ‘forgot to vote’.  (Provisional ballots are ballots cast by voters who: Believe they are registered to vote even though their names are not on the official voter registration list at the polling place.)
  • There are many instances where Republican observers were pushed aside or even assaulted
  • Above issues are contained in clearly outlined evidence by way of thousands of individual sworn affidavits made under penalty of perjury
  • Team believes Trump won Pennsylvania by 300,000 votes


  • Michigan, a Democrat led and controlled state for decades, presents many issues
  • Detroit – see Exhibit B, Affidavit of Jessy Jacob, an election worker in the legal case Constantino vs. Detroit; city of Michigan.  He was assigned to duty in September, trained to cheat: to adjust mailing date on ballots; not to ask for voter identification such as a driver’s license; this was announced to all workers, amidst other fraudulent measures
  • Anecdotally people are known to come in from Canada to cast a ballot
  • Satellite locations people are known to have voted twice; election workers did not check to see if individuals had already voted
  • Ballots were (back)dated; there are 220 signed affidavits received attesting to this; affidavits are sworn statements signed under penalties of perjury
  • On November 4th @ 4:30 am, thousands of ballots, taken into center, where ballots were cast only for Biden
  • These were produced very quickly
  • Ballots were processed and re-processed through the machines, some triple counted…. at least three Americans swear to this activity with more than 60 witnesses testifying to other acts of fraud


  • Trump won Wisconsin by a large margin; at least 10,544 absentee ballots are in question – if there is not an application for absentee ballot they get thrown away under Wisconsin law.  These happened where vote was leaning 75 – 80 % in Democrat’s favor – in such cases a 20,000-vote lead disappears
  • There are numerous backdated ballots
  • Many cases of ‘overvotes’, with clear circumstantial evidence.  An ‘overvote’ is where 200% of the registered voters cast a ballot.  Classically it is considered an overvote if 80% of the registered voters cast a ballot.  There are many precincts where it is 150%, 200% or even 300%!
  • Republicans did not certify Wayne County because overvote is monstrously high in over 2/3 of the precincts in Detroit
  • In certain cases, overvote far exceeds the population including children!  i.e. – it’s not just ‘100 votes or so’… 


  • Legal team is about to file a major lawsuit in Georgia
  • Atlanta – Republicans were not allowed to watch absentee mail in process
  • Republican inspectors were cast aside, numerous ‘double’ votes, out of state voters, with specific evidence of intimidation and large-scale changes of votes


  • Team is likely to bring a lawsuit in Arizona…

General / Other Comments

  • Incredibly there is significant fraud noted in state of New Mexico – and in Virginia…
  • GA, PA, MI, WI, NV – more than double votes needed to overturn the election are in question... just look at the lawsuits… look at affidavits…  team has acquired 1000 at least, getting more every day…  more aspects to the cases that cannot be revealed
  • It is disgraceful what happened…  when going to count on Nov. 3rd did every democrat leader in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona- all wake up and separately have the same ideas?
    • We are going to put Republican observers in pens,
    • Not look at mail in / absentee ballots,
    • Exact same ‘process’ happened in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Detroit, Phoenix, Atlanta… isn’t it a logical conclusion that a jury would accept someone had this planned…?

Sydney Powell

  • There is massive influence of communist money in the Dominion/SmartMatic voting program- supporters coming from Venezuela, Cuba, and China
  • Program was originally created in Venezuela by Hugo Chavez – to make sure he never lost.  They have one extraordinarily strong witness who explains how it works.  See Sidney Powell to Newsmax TV:  Dominion Designed to ‘Rig Elections’
    • Fraud is the express purpose for creating the software. 
    • As soon as he saw the multiple states shutdown on Nov. 3rd, he knew exactly what was happening. 
    • This software was created with so many back doors via the internet and other means. 
    • One of the most used features is the ability to flip votes. 
    • You run an algorithm – to take a certain % from Trump to Biden for instance – votes (were in such volume) it was overwhelming the program and it broke the algorithm – that’s when they came in the back door with all the mail in ballots.
  • Ballots were presented on paper in a ‘pristine’ condition, where workers would ‘re-run’ the same batch repeatedly.  (See affidavit filed in City of Detroit case).  This behavior corresponds to the statistical anomalies borne out by independent statisticians.
  • Eyewitness testimony of this is provided by numerous people who saw them come in back door.
  • Dominion Voting founders are nowhere to be found now;  leaders are Mr. Soros #2 person in UK, have connections to the Clinton foundation and other known politicians.  (Separately, Business Insider website said in 2016 that Smartmatic is owned by Lord Mark Malloch-Brown. He is connected to Soros through the Open Society Foundation, an organization that gives grants to civil society organizations around the world. Malloch-Brown serves on the Open Society Global Board. Smartmatic says on its website, “George Soros does not have and has never had any ownership stake in Smartmatic.”)
  • Sydney quoted from an affidavit as to how things worked – and that there were objections by US officials regarding the acquisition of SmartMatic.  (Ref. Smartmatic to Shed US Unit, End Probe into Venezuelan Links, Bob Davis, WSJ, 12/22/2006).  Purportedly it would be in violation of CFIUS regulations (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, national security related).  Should problems arise in one company, another is created with a separate DBA is created.  Specifically, SmartMatic presented a national security concern in its acquisition of Sequoia, a concern that arose during the Chicago 2012 primary.  It’s important to determine who exactly could have had influence and control
  • Oct. 6, 2006 – Carolyn B. Maloney – congressman…  Clovershire and Warren – as recently as Dec. 2019 – used selves in other parts of the world…
  • Argentina influence – admitted in letter…
  • Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY-14) wrote on October 6, 2006 to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to point out the public unease about electronic voting, due to numerous glitches on Election Day and press stories about the Smartmatic investigation. It has also been reported this week that Smartmatic is the subject of an ongoing Department of Justice investigation into the possibility that the company bribed the Venezuelan government for contracts and may have committed tax fraud.
  • Smartmatic leadership includes Eric Kumar – as recorded in conversation with Antifa – he had the election rigged for Mr. Biden, saying “nothing to worry about…” and “F- Trump”. His social media filled with hatred for Trump…
  • The Smartmatic patent filing itself clearly outlines a concern for potential fraud (see Systems, methods, and programs for voter information initialization and consolidation, Dec 12, 2007 – SMARTMATIC INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION). See ‘Summary’: “However, there are concerns with respect to the integrity of electronic voting data. In particular, electronic data may be subject to tampering during the time needed to physically transport the memory devices from remote locations to a central tabulating location, potentially leaving no evidence of the tampering.”