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‘So I say to you, use your worldly wealth to win friends for yourselves, so that then money is a thing of the past you may be received into an eternal home’ – Luke 16:9 (NEB)

That which the Hebrews call mammon, in Latin is “riches.” … Zaccheus said, Half my goods I give to the poor. See how he runs who runs to make friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; and not to be held guilty from any quarter, he says, If have taken any thing from any one, I restore fourfold. According to another interpretation, the mammon of unrighteousness are all the riches of the world, whenever they come. For if you seek the true riches, there are some in which Job when naked abounded, when he had his heart full towards God.

The others are called riches from unrighteousness; because they are not true riches, for they are full of poverty, and ever liable to chances. For if they were true riches, they would give you security. (Augustine)

Or else, make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness, that by giving to the poor we may purchase the favor of angels and all the saints. (Ambrose)