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The setting and the intentions are clear.

What we are going to expose is not a conspiracy theory; the information is available and the signs are also present in the reality of the world.

Only the journalists of the major media, who know it, see that it is happening, or at least intuit that it is happening, do not say it, because the power of the world’s reengineers has reached that point.

Within this is a third-world conflagration, which the media do speak as a certain possibility, because an escalation is noticeable.

However, as no so-called global conflicts have so far encompassed the entire world, although they were called global, we cannot really determine their scope.

But the prophecies and plans of some groups, which we will reveal, can help us to interpret what could happen.

Here we will talk about how the idea of ​​a third world conflagration arises, what consequences it would have for the world order, and how it will be elucidated according to the prophecies.

Lets start from the beginning.

On May 1, 1776, a former Jesuit priest and German Jew formed an occult group called the Masters of the Illuminati, later known simply as the “Illuminati.”

Adam Weishaupt founded it imitating the organizational base of the Jesuit Order, where he had been trained.

His plan was for all religions and civil institutions and governments to be eliminated, replacing them with a new global government, which he called the New World Order.

His goals were:

Abolition of the monarchy and all organized government, private property, and inheritance.

And abolition of patriotism, family, and all religion.

And since he was trained in spiritual belief, he understood that he had to have supernatural help to end Western and Christian civilization.

And so he turned to Lucifer, who is also known as Baphomet.

And he resorted to the old traditional Catholic emblem of the Holy Spirit, which is seen in many tabernacles around the world, the all-seeing eye, to be his isotype. 

Typical forgery of the evil one to confuse.

On the U.S. dollar bill, you can see this isotype with the Latin legend that says “Announcing the birth of the New World Order.”

This organization was associated with Freemasonry which it quickly copied.

And it also especially attracted financial capital, a system that it currently leads.

This mix was what made the Illuminati successful.

This organization acted on various fronts for its goal of a new world order, for the replacement of Christian civilization.

On the one hand, the Illuminati believe that the new world order will be reached through destabilization, ending what exists.

And that’s why they financed the development of communism and now the revolt of [those under the banner of] the new rights on the basis of sex, race, etcetera.

And meanwhile they were developing their pillars on which they would build the new order, the United Nations, the World Bank, the European Union, etcetera, and all the organizations of what is now called international cooperation.

And so we come to the subject of this video.

In the library of the British Museum in London, there are letters from the 19th century, crossed between Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini, two qualified Illuminati leaders of the time, in which they speak of the need for three world conflagrations to reach the goal.

It must be clarified that what we call world conflagrations were never strictly that, but generalized conflicts, not total war. [More after ad]

Albert Pike tells Giuseppe Mazzini that the First World Conflagration had to be generated to allow the overthrow of the power of the tsars in Russia, and transform this country into the stronghold of atheistic communism. 

He then suggests that a Second World Conflagration should be fostered to allow the establishment of the sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. [SD note: the views expressed belong to the website, not Spirit Daily]

And later a Third World Conflagration so that Islam and political Zionism destroy each other, and the other nations are exhausted physically, mentally, spiritually, and economically.

And at the end of the third world conflict, Pike predicted, the greatest social cataclysm in the world would be unleashed.

Then the masses, disappointed by the disorder, in their despair, will withdraw at the same time from Christianity and atheism, thereby being ready to accept a new material and spiritual order.

Then the Illuminati would present a new leader to generate peace and normality on the planet , seeking the synthesis between the messiah that the Jews expect, the Mahdi that the Muslims expect, and the return of Jesus Christ that the Christians expect.

We are talking about the antichrist, who would be a civil and spiritual leader.

This synthesis would be pushed by a new religion that would unite all the religions under the same creed.

But the big contender they warned about was Christianity.

That is why a member of the Illuminati, named Nubius, declared in 1818 that the goal of the Illuminati was the complete annihilation of Catholicism and ultimately Christianity.

And how would they do it?

He suggested the idea of ​​infiltration of the Church to reach the pontificate.

Because he said that the Pope would never enter a secret society and therefore they [Illuminati] had to enter the Church and the papacy.

And for that to happen, the plan consisted of entering through the convents and seminaries, admitting that this strategy would take decades.

This plan to infiltrate the Catholic Church is contained in the Masonic document, called the Alta Vendita Instruction from the 19th century, of the so-called Carbonari of Italy.

And he goes on to say that “In a hundred years’ time the bishops and priests will believe that they are marching behind the banner of the keys of Peter, when in reality they will be following our banner; reforms will have to be introduced in the name of obedience.”

So then we see a plan consistently carried forward to create a new world order that involves causing destabilization and laying the foundation for world institutions of government and world religion.

Today we see the signs with world institutions that handle a morality contrary to Christianity and with increasing power, the financing of some billionaires to groups that create destabilization within countries, and a strong apostasy within the great religions of the world, especially within Christianity.

While the different prophecies speak of a third world conflagration, which can be read in the Bible with the opening of the seven seals of Revelation, especially the second seal, the red horse, which will remove peace from the earth and produce casualties among the population, Revelation 6: 4.

And also with the opening of the third and fourth seals that speak of famine and plagues on the earth, Revelation 6: 5-8.

After the third world conflagration, true Christians will be persecuted, which we can see in Revelation 6: 9-11.

And there the world government of the beast will be implanted.

And Luciferianism will become the world religion for a time.

The rest of religions, and especially Christianity, will be censored during the new planetary order of the beast and the false prophet, for a period of 42 months, that is 3 and a half years (Revelation 13: 5).

Then the false prophet will cause all human beings to be marked with 666, the number of the beast.

Without that brand, it will not be possible to buy or sell in that new world order, Revelation 13: 16-18.

And for this, it is necessary that the circulating money disappear and that purchases are made through a personal signal.

On this trend there are already clear signs that the world economy is heading towards the disappearance of physical money.

During those three and a half years, the antichrist and the false prophet will deceive the world with their false paradise on earth. 

They will proclaim that peace and security have come to the world.

And they have gotten rid of Christians and other religions who had “hate speech.”

But Saint Paul said that when the world says peace and security, then suddenly, ruin will come upon them (1Ts.5: 1-2). 

And Revelation 19:20 says that the beast will be caught together with his religious ally, the false prophet, and both will be thrown into the lake of fire.

This is how this stage will end, with a purification of the earth, through a new Pentecost and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

This time of peace will have the Eucharistic Reign of Jesus and the Church will flourish.

Well, so far we wanted to talk to you about the possibility of a third-world conflagration, what political and spiritual consequences it would have in the world, and how this period would end.


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