California State Water Board is manufacturing a drought by draining reservoirs into the ocean under the guise of protecting wildlife.

by Jamie White June 16th 2021, 2:45 pm

California’s State Water Resources Control Board notified thousands of farmers of “impending water unavailability” as the state’s man-made drought accelerates.

6,600 farmers in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta watershed who have rights to use water from the Central Valley estuary were told they may face water cutoffs this summer.

“This is how dry things are,” water board Chairman Joaquin Esquivel told the Sacramento Bee. “The hydrology that we’re seeing is not there…There will not be enough natural flow.”

However, the state also must provide enough flow in the rivers to maintain protected fish species populations in rivers while keeping “cities and communities from running out of water,” Esquivel said.

This comes a month after Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) declared a drought emergency and announced a new multi-billion dollar “water infrastructure and drought response” spending package.

“The 2021 water year for the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Basin is currently the driest since 1977,” the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation warned in May.

Additionally, all residents are being asked to conserve their water consumption.

But how did this drought really start?

In recent years, California has been dumping TRILLIONS of gallons of freshwater into the oceans to protect a non-endangered bait fish called the Delta Smelt.

And that practice of emptying the reservoirs is continuing to this day, according to Central Valley Farmer Kristi Diener.

“Are we having a dry year? Yes,” Diener said. “That is normal for us. Should we be having water shortages in the start of our second dry year? No. Our reservoirs were designed to provide a steady five year supply for all users, and were filled to the top in June 2019.”

“How can this year be the driest year on record when it has more than 7 months left? That’s just fake news and crisis creation.”

“Before our magnificent reservoir projects were built, California never had a steady and reliable supply of water. Now water is being managed as if those reserves don’t exist, by emptying the collected water from storage to the sea, rather than saving it for our routinely dry years,” Diener explained.

“Our water projects were designed to be managed for the long term providing a minimum five-year supply, but California has now put us on track to have a man-made drought crisis every time we don’t have a wet season,” she added.

Once again, the Democrats appear to be creating the very crisis they themselves are claiming to address by spending more money the state doesn’t have in the name of saving the environment.

Similarly, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) told Texans to prepare for more blackouts this week despite the fact the month before they assured residents of a “low risk” of emergency conditions.

All this is just social engineering conditioning to get Americans’ to accept the deindustrialization of the country and a lower standard of living in accordance with the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda.

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