• Photo Credit: MPAC NationalThere is a conflict in this country between Americans of all races and ethnicities who share American values, and the de facto domestic enemies of the United States who do not. 
  • Photo Credit:Image via Pexels. Pexels Father’s Day is a good time to remember the brave and faithful men who will be needed to steady society’s rocking ship.
  • Photo Credit: LoCHugo Black's inclination toward racism and bias ran much deeper than most are aware. 
  • Photo Credit: PickPikAn October surprise is coming, and earlier than October. 
  • Photo Credit: Clarice FThe Democrats, deep state, and their media enablers are all in rough shape and have no other way out but to fall back on their usual criminal methods of retaining power.
  • Photo Credit:Biden, senile Gage Skidmore via Wikim cc2Here we are, several months after the Hur report, still pretending that Biden will be on the ticket in November. And the old man isn't getting any better.
  • Photo Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture/Lance CheungA one-size-fits-all approach to homeland security fails to account for the vastly different vulnerabilities faced by various regions across the country.
  • Photo Credit:Image via Pxhere. PxhereBlind hatred of America is so yesterday. Something new is on the horizon.
  • Photo Credit: Robin ItzlerIt was the question on everyone’s lips when I vacationed in Texas and I get why, ‘cause Texas is great—but it’s running the risk of becoming Californicated.
  • Photo Credit: YouTubeShe’s truly put the league on the map, but leftists in the sports world hate so much what she stands for that they're willing to destroy themselves to drive her out.