• The problem with standing in the middle of the road is that you might not stand for anything at all (and you get hit by traffic from both directions).
  • It seems that even now, the tide is turning.
  •  In the long term, transhumanism could threaten to upend the world's personal, familial, and cultural foundations.
  • Why are some Americans having such a hard time figuring out what is happening to our country?
  • When Trump took office, his enemies were in place and they got him before he could get them.
  • There are four factors that were not in play in Trump’s successful run in 2016 and that cannot be ignored in 2024. 
  • One thing about travel to foreign parts is that you get to see a major U.S. export — the stupid and expensive conceits and fashions of our educated-class rulers — being adopted by stupid and conceited educated-class rulers elsewhere in the world. 
  • Senator Rand Paul's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases bill unfortunately amounts to little more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. 
  • Alvin Bragg and other Soros-owned big city DAs have nothing to do with putting hombres behind bars and upholding the highest standards of public safety.  They have to do with the Marxist imperative of destroying to rule over the ruins.  
  • What Difference Does It Make?