GESARA is an acronym for the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act.

NESARA is the US version.

Below are 20 specific items, but expect more.

1) To restore constitutional law in the Republic of the United States of America.

2) Allows the military law enforcement agencies of the Republic to physically remove any obstacles that hinder the GESARA law.

3) Allows the Congress of the Republic to implement the natural constitutional line of succession.

4) Repeals all “states of emergency”, thereby proclaiming peace for every country in which GESARA and its alliance operate.

5) Forces the US military to immediately withdraw troops from all sovereign countries that will no longer accept them to live on their land. This includes Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and the Philippines. (This is happening)

6) Zeroing out student loans, credit card balances, and writing off bank debt worldwide (when was the last time you checked your credit report?)

7) Activates the Republican Treasury Bank and the Republican Treasury, as well as the gold-backed USN currency, printed and controlled by the Republic of the United States, rather than the Federal Reserve, which will now be marginalized until it is eliminated (advised to buy gold and silver).

8) The federal income tax will be abolished, as will the old tax code; and the new simpler, simplified, and global tax code will apply to non-essential items. Basic items such as food and medicine, as well as used items, will be exempt from sales tax. (Already started with the payroll tax order)

9) The IRS, FEMA, shadow government, lobbyists, and so on will be jailed or executed.

10) Creates a new 17% fixed rate of non-essential new items only for tax revenue for the government.

11) Increases benefits for the elderly and makes them permanent.

12) International observers will be present to prevent illegal ballot stuffing or electoral fraud by special interest groups.

13) The new rainbow currency of the US Treasury, backed by precious metals of gold, silver and platinum, will be released into public circulation.

14) Excludes birth certificate records that will be used by the U.S. Department of Transportation as collateral for movable property.

15) Restores financial privacy worldwide.

16) Returns all judges and lawyers to the Constitutional Law.

17) Ceases all aggressive military actions of the government around the world, including the Middle East.

18) Establishes world peace under the control of the UN Security Council. (Peace treaties have been signed, and many others are in the process)

19) Releases LARGE amounts of money for humanitarian purposes throughout the planet Earth.

20) Allows the issuance of thousands of hidden patents for suppressed technologies currently used under the cover of national security, including free energy devices, anti-gravity and sonic healing machines (goodbye Big Pharma)