Fireside Chat 8 w/ Lin Wood | War with China? Are We Going to See ACTION? Did Pence Commit Treason?

Following is a summary of conversation with Lin Wood and Thrivetime Show: Business School without the BS Published January 13, 2021;  including key points regarding US election fraud and actions possibly underway by the administration and the US military.

Attorney Lin Wood  – 43 1/2 years, familiar with defamation law, was accused recently of making threats towards VP Pence.  Lin says he has no history of violent accusations towards anyone – perhaps a statement might be referred to as ‘rhetorical hyperbole’ – like referring to abortionist as a ‘murderer’ – it’s exaggerated speech to make a point. 

Lin Wood has very strong evidence to support his claim that VP Mike Pence has committed treason and asserts Pence is a traitor. 

He says also currently the country is at war with China and Iran.

China committed two acts of war:

  1. attacked US with the flu – creating the pandemic – to harm our economy –
  2. China directly interfered with the election of our leaders – by cyber attack

The US will strike back.

  • China reportedly has submarines and ships approaching US shores.
  • Cuba is declared a terrorest state
  • Listed a number of companies – creating war munitions
  • Trump won 49 states – trying to legally save this country, and unite against a common foe – China and Iran
  • Acts of war already taken place – listen to someone other than the mainstream media –
  • President Trump will broadcast a message on the Emergency Broadcast system – for first time in a long time everyone will have an opportunity to hear together – listen carefully.
  • Hunter Biden is / was a drug addicted pedophile.

Upwards of 25,000 troops have moved into Washington, DC.  To protect against attack

Iran has suffered a number of blackouts

Trump people did not go to the Capitol on January 6th to create harm.  Harm was created over the summer in Seattle & Portland – where were the Democrats talking about horrors of brutal, physical riots? 

At Capitol, some people were allowed in by the police.  Antifa created the violence.  Also – certain members of special forces went in and took computers of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and others. What’s going to be revealed may be shocking.

If Trump has signed the Insurrection Act – Lin Wood believes he has – government is in effect in control by the military.  There will not be people going into the court system – which is corrupt – until this can be cleaned up.  People so charged with treasonous actions will face military tribunals, meaning swift punishment will be administered to people that committed treason.

Mainstream Media is only telling lies.  President Trump won this election – the evidence of the fraud is mountainous makes up mountains. 

Election fraud has been tracked in the computer systems used – identifying exactly how many votes were changed, who engaged it, etc.

Considering only votes cast on election day – Lin Wood believes Trump won 49 states – only losing New York.  In a massive, historic election.  75 – 85 million people voted for Donald Trump.  Biden could not defeat in only 400 counties – Obama won in thousands of counties.  Media has convinced too many people Biden’s win is legitimate.

China has taken over the US without firing a shot – by buying people from within.  Now he believes China is physically desiring to takeover this country.

As relates to election fraud on November 3rd:

  1. Vast majority of Americans voted on Canadian owned Dominion voting machines. These machines are filled with many Chinese parts. The head of Strategy and Security for Dominion is a member of Antifa. Dominion – shares office space in Toronto with George Soros.
  2. Dominion vote counting machines use the Sequoia Voting System software –   this was created by communists in Venezuela – people that put Hugo Chavez in power.
  3. Our votes were sent to servers in Germany.  Italians were involved in the election fraud.

A system of blackmail is used – engage in pedophilia, videotape them harming the child, then they own the person and their actions.  It’s deep, extensive evidence of horrifying perversion – many youth have had their lives destroyed or even killed by these perpetrators.

We need to put these people as far away as we can…

EXPLOSIVE: Sidney Powell Releases 270 Page Report On 2020 Foreign Election Interference, Mass Voter Fraud: “We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systematic election fraud and influence election results.”

Democrats are creating the impression Trump fans will be creating violence – they will not – it will be led by Antifa.

Objective:  an honest government, of, by and for the people. A nation under God.

Official government info on Emergency Broadcast system – not hearing about arrests – it will take some time – but it will come out –

When you realize we are at war – it will confirm what’s being said…

Find Lin Wood on Telegram at – @LinWoodspeakstruth

Lin’s closing remarks:

  1. Trust President Trump – he’s always been for America and Freedom, he loves God.
  2. Tell people prepare to hunker down for a couple of weeks – extra food, flashlights, water, radio, always be prepared – all need to have this now!
  3. Trust that God is in control – He only acts for good…  remember Ephesians it’s God vs. Devil – it’s all planned by God, He always wins – may be chaos here but it’s part of the plan – good time to get on our knees and talk to the Lord…  hearing in effect from God…