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Lord, before you became man and entered into your Passion, you invited your Mother to serve you as mother, to bear your sacrifice with you, but also to share with you your joys.

And the grace with which you endowed her and by which she became your Mother is so inexhaustibly great, that there is room in it for all who seek you, for all who in their faith desire to offer you sacrifices:  the sacrifice of a life in your service or the sacrifice of unforeseen humiliations and sufferings.


And because you so loved your Mother and granted her such a pure love for you, we ask you , Lord, to receive us, too, every day into this grace, to show us a place in your relationship to your mother…


…a place that allows us to offer up anew each one of her sacrifices, to experience together with you each one of her joys, and to do forever precisely what the Mother, with you and with the Father and the Spirit and all the citizens of heaven, expect of us.

Grant us the joy and the grace of serving today and in eternity.  Amen.

Servant of God Adreienne von Speyr

-Swiss medical doctor and spiritual author.  1967