Project Camelot, Telegram, 4/2/2021

US seal teams AND Russian version of Seal teams boarding Ever Given. Vessels with cranes going to Ever Given….you know what that means….YES!!! UNLOADING!!!! There was a nuke on board which was supposed to detonate if ship became compromised. Space Force jammed the signal and ran her aground. Nuke has been deactivated. WHITE HATS REALLY ARE IN CONTROL. It is believed there was help from someone on board Ever Given.

Project Camelot, Telegram

ABOUT THE EVERGREEN CONTAINER SHIP INCIDENT… MORE INFO… this matches my take which I posted above… though in a lot more detail: From Real Chief Police
I just got conf. intel that the Port Pilot is one of the white hats. The port pilot is one of the most skilled pilots in that particular area. He knows those waters better than anyone else. Watch the water. He gets on board of those ships and the Captain hands over the controls to the Port Pilot.
It was up to the Port Pilot to navigate the ship safely to get it ready to enter the (birth canal LOL). This Port Pilot who is a white hat gave us a sign. Look at the pic above. It is a pic of a butt and of the male genitals. LOL This Pilot deserves an award for letting us know in such a way.
He is also signaling to the cabal and the black hats, You are screwed. LOL This Port Pilot knew exactly where to jam this ship. There is only one place in this canal where this could happen. When he got to this particular place in the canal he turned hard rudder and gave it the gas and forced the front of this extreme heavy ship into the side of the canal (birth canal LOL) jamming it so hard (LOL) that it gets stuck where they just can’t get it out. I am sorry for all this Police humor, but (no pun intended) I just couldn’t help myself.
Yep your screwed, literally. Now there are no ships that can get past this humongous ship either way. The media is fear mongering about world shortages. Not true. Don’t believe it. The other ships have already started to change their course to avert this on-purpose disaster.
They are now beginning to take off the containers to lighten the ship so they can refloat it. They will be unloading and opening these containers with or without a court order because it is an emergency situation. There are perishables on board, there sure are.
I don’t know how other countries are, but if they find any contraband it will give them probable cause to open all of them. BOOM BOOM BOOM even in that country. There are tug boats that have ties to black hats like dead Obamas, Dead Clintons, and ties to the DNC that have been trying to save this ship from this fate. Many people are going to prison over this one and very possibly executed.