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Here’s a recap ICYMI and don’t have time to watch directly….

Trump got 75% of votes, he flipped California… Action will be taken before 20th…
It’s possible for people behind Biden to create a CGI backdrop, and present a ‘fake’ or illegal inauguration that would be presented by the MSM; Tom Hanks wants to be involved; Media are deeply involved in this and have the ability to pull it off… maybe showing Biden driving up to White House and being turned away; Possible we may let that go through,  and within 12 hours take down MSM so that there will be even more evidence…

There are currently 21,421 national guard troops in DC… Why on earth would a bunch of criminals go to DC? So would have to present it offsite somewhere… Hopefully there won’t be a literal ’10 days of darkness’ – perhaps a metaphor for no communication, mobile phones, internet, may go down, along with television. During this time, if turn TV on, will likely default back to one channel – where live court martial will be screened, confessions filmed and shown to the world.

Maybe soldiers will be seated in certain parts of America… Consider MSM reporting of Biden transition – it’s not portrayed as a normally would be – think to previous administrations and transition of power. There are lots of bad people in power  that know whats coming – its a fight to the end for the existence of their way of life – on both sides.

The coronavirus is biological warfare – it failed because it was released in China – that was never the intent. China wanted it released in US – but went awry. Another phase of deep seated hate – this is a battle of good vs evil – many of these are engaged in a Satanic way of life, and it’s gone on for far too long.

For those of us impatient, anxiously awaiting Inauguration Day – consider if after this long struggle, dating back to the industrial military complex president before JFK, as lamented by Eisenhower – there will be no America if Biden is seated. Take heart, it will be addressed… there is a plan in place, it cannot be pushed by those of us who are anxious for things to happen. Simon doesn’t think it’ll get so far as to a fake inauguration – if it does, there would be a cavalcade of cars lent by Hollywood, driving up to the White House…

While this can’t come soon enough – we have to wait – do not be out on the streets with guns, supporters can stay put, and trust (and pray!). Trump has achieved astonishing results given antagonistic media and a host of others against him.

As for the election – in 2016 Hilary was supposed to win! They had done the same thing with Dominion / Smartmatic back then – however – miscalculated the huge support for Trump!. So 2020 had a fallback position – and that came to fruition. This was known, understood and expected – why this wasn’t addressed in 2016 – we would not have had a government! 75% are involved with the deep state.

As of now – good guys seem to be ahead by three moves in this high-stakes chess game. Expect things to go down between Sunday,  and the 20th.

Alongside will be a change in the financial system,  small smooth transfer of power, General Flynn will be offered a position VP, perhaps JFK junior – if he is alive – will have the job to heal the country then stand as president.

As for the reset – see Charlie Ward on the gold standard about us moving away from current banking system. JFK was murdered because he was about to take us back to the gold standard. A remarkable 34 quintrillion (currency not specified) was seized from Vatican Bank – if its electronic its worthless. If in gold – it’s very valuable – Simon thinks its backed against physical assets that have been gathered. The way we are charged interest will change – along with the way in which we are taxed. Notably tax in GB is illegal – this dates back to King George wanted a war so he charged an income tax! Each year, parliament re-passes a law to approve the raising of taxes.

We are looking at a new freedom – will be a ‘flowering’ in development of humanity because taxes are so onerous (in support of the deep state!). There is an alternative here we are being born into… for today – we are still working for our lords and masters and we really don’t have much freedom… we feed the machine…. People want (and need) something better… In any case, we must fight morally,  be sure we don’t give in to excitement or urgency… don’t worry if people think your mad!

For reflection – amongst friends – why did I see through it all to the truth…? Stand firm your ground – in future nobody will laugh when you speak… in fact, people will listen… you’ve actually got it right! Oh what joy…