Following is a list of cited election irregularities under development… Republicans argue each of these needs to be address to validate process integrity and afford confidence in the results. Lawsuits being filed in many states; where evidence is obtained, this is being forwarded to the FBI and DOJ.

  1. Mail in ballots mishandled
    • One case shows 60% of one batch of ballots had the SAME signature on all of them!
    • Absentee ballots with no address information, incorrect precinct
    • Nevada – 41,000 people voted that have not voted in more than ten years! Many of these people are dead or have left the state
    • Pennsylvania – auditor general indicates up to 3000 voters were deceased
    • Georgia – 27,000 people over age of 90 voted, 2,000 over 100, 100 over 105
    • Wisconsin – six counties where turnout 15-20% higher than highest turnout previously recorded in those counties, state turnout overall lower than for Obama than 2008
  2. Fraudulent directives given to poll workers
    • So far, over 500 poll-workers are signing affidavits (whistle-blowers) they were DIRECTED to back-date ballots,
    • When they went to rolls to check a signature, the worker added the voter, and inserted a birth date of Jan 1., 1900.
    • PA – threw away validation altogether
  3. Poll Observers Not Allowed Access as required by law
    • Poll watchers (Republican, of course) threatened with racial harassment suits if they did not get out of the way
    • Democrat challengers handing out documents how to distract Republican poll-watchers
  4. Ineligible Voters voted
    • thousands of ineligible voters are identified (PA has at least 100 dead people voting, at least six of which registered to vote after they died, and then voted!!)
    • In Michigan, 687,000 ballots where no poll observers were allowed
  5. Inaccurate counts
    • Machine counts are inaccurate – counting was stopped mid-stream when Trump started showing a surge in ballot counts
    • a computer ‘glitch’ in one county in Michigan caused 6,000 votes to be re-cast for Biden when intended for Trump.
    • 35 ballots had no voter record, but counted anyway
    • 50 ballots run multiple times through tabulation machines
    • One woman testified her son is deceased but he somehow voted
    • Pennsylvania speaker of the house has requested a full audit (note Constitution affords state authority regarding ballot counts to the state legislatures)
  6. Voting machine shows exhibits inadequate process controls
    • Dominion Voting systems – 14 affidavits from witnesses providing evidence related to overwhelming voter fraud and Dominion software network problems