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When my daughter was very little, my husband and I constantly read to her.  Many of the stories we read were from the Bible.  She was “wowed” by the parting of The Red Sea, the multiplication of the loaves and fish and the lepers being healed… just to name a few!  Each time she heard those stories, they were followed by the appropriate “ooohs and ahhs”.  They weren’t just cool stories – they were the real deal, and she never doubted that God did all of those great things!  Somehow, I picture God sitting in heaven listening to her amazement and chuckling to himself saying, “She gets it!”

Why is it that as adults, we don’t get the miracle thing?  We hear those same stories every year and yet we sit in the church pews and yawn our way through them.  When did we stop believing in miracles?

Recently, I have been thinking about why I hadn’t seen a miracle like those in my life before.  Or have I?

There are many sayings about miracles and they are often called “ordinary”. But there is nothing ordinary about them.  Maybe we haven’t seen “The Red Sea” parted or someone healed suddenly from a serious illness.  But we’ve all seen “personal” miracles.  There are things in our lives that we see all the time that defy explanation – and yet they are not followed by “oohs and ahhs”. Nor, is God given the credit for having stepped in to our lives in a personal way.

A few years back, I had 10 inches of my colon removed due to chronic diverticulitis.  So, when I started experiencing the same kind of issues a few months ago, I knew something was wrong.  Back to the doctor I went, and two tests later, it was confirmed that I had a stricture – a significant narrowing at the site of the previous surgery.  On to the surgeon and the specialist, and it was determined that I needed a procedure called a dilation to open the colon back up and a possible stent to keep it that way.  The other option if this failed would be to go back in and remove yet more of the colon.  Obviously, I wasn’t a happy with any of those options!

I prayed, my husband prayed and my sweet little small ladies’ Bible study group prayed over me.  I was pretty apprehensive on the day of the procedure.  Which, by the way, was only 2 days ago. The specialist had pages of reports and CD’s confirming the stricture. Yet, once inside, he found nothing. You heard that right. NOTHING! That part of the colon was wide open. No dilation, not stent… nothing needed!  I got a miracle!  “Ooooh”!  “Awww”!

Why did it take until now for me to see things like this?  Haven’t I gotten miracles before? I have, and armloads of them!  Things like when my dad’s paperwork for being drafted into the Vietnam War fell behind a cabinet and was not found until after the war ended.  Like when I was able to sit next to each of my parents as they took their last breaths. Like when I didn’t take that job in another state and met and married the man of my dreams. Like when my only child’s heart stopped in utero because the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck twice and she was born by emergency c-section – perfectly healthy.  To me, those are some Red Sea moments!

Miracles happen every day, but we don’t see them.  We choose not to see them.  We’re looking down at the mud on our shoes and not up to see the Face of God in everything around us.  Now, I like to think that I look at things with my eyesight fully restored.  Somedays I’m pretty good at this, and others I have to really work at it.  But the desire is there.

God brought me home just before that bad accident on the freeway. God tells the Jacaranda tree in my front yard to bloom every May and October.  God whispered into my friend’s ear that I needed a call right at that precise moment.  God gave me a husband like a happy Golden Retriever because He knew I would have problems with depression. Even though yesterday was tough, God allowed the sun to rise again and let me start all over again.

Miracles happen every day and none of them are ordinary.  Choose to look up and see them like a child– and don’t forget to “oooh and ahhh” and thank God for stepping in – in a most extraordinary way!

Lots of Love,


Matthew 11:25 At that time Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.

p.s. – do you have a miracle to share? Tell us about it! We can post below as comment, or feature as a separate article – comment below, or email “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”1Th 5:11

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