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“That you may not fall away” 

Holy David, with lyre in hand, sang these praises to God at every assembly: By your deeds, O Lord, you make me glad, and at the works of your hands I rejoice (Ps 92:5). 

One will not find stability in any created good, but only in God, who is the Supreme Good. Stand firmly in the truth, and the truth will set you free from all deceit, iniquity, and falsehood spoken against you. All that is maliciously fabricated about a neighbor will revert to the head of the fabricator. 

Christ is truth, and whoever follows Christ is a lover of truth and of all virtue. Whoever abandons truth for temporal gain or honor loses faith and the beauty that comes from virtue. God is truth and will not permit liars to remain hidden for long. The evil one may be able to disguise himself for a time, but the truthful man will finally prevail, and the one who utters falsehoods will be reduced to confusion when he least suspects. 

Do not think of or desire anything other than what is right and especially pleasing to God, that is, the virtues and good works done in God’s honor. Remain in truth and charity, and you will be acceptable to God, to the angels, and to men. Be not afraid. The evil one may be able to withdraw some transitory things from us, but God gives to those who are patient things much greater and eternal. 

Venerable Thomas à Kempis 

Thomas à Kempis († 1471) was a German priest and monk who wrote many spiritual works. / From Bountiful Goodness: A Little Garden of Roses & The Valley of Lilies, Joseph N. Tylenda, s.j., Tr. © 2013, Ignatius Press, San Francisco, CA.

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