At least eight and possibly ten states exhibited election anomalies leading to Republican allegations that a nationwide plan was established by Democrats to ‘catch-up’ should there be a shortfall in tally for Joe Biden.  Allegedly election is stolen and victory is declared by Joe Biden based on false votes.  Results are called into question considering other facts about the election:  GOP registered 4 million new voters, Trump had more non-white votes than any other Republican in the last 60 years, in House of Representatives, Republicans gained 13 new seats filled by women, veterans, and minorities, Republicans did not lose one incumbent, winning 28 of 29 seats and did not lose the Senate as predicted by pre-election pollsters.  With such success, it’s quite the anomaly that Trump did not also win, statistically extremely unlikely.

Mail in ballots mishandled450,000 mail in ballots were mishandled: counted in secret without proper observation allowed, only show a vote for Biden and no other office on the ticket. Problems occurred only in Democrat administered states:
Georgia – 80 – 90,000
Pennsylvania – 98,000
Arizona – 42,000
Michigan – 69-115,000
Wisconsin – 62,000
Allegedly these were always the ballots Democrats were going to use if they were behind in the results.
Biden got more votes than Obama, but only in certain areas that would decide the election.
Mail-in ballots carry a high suspicion of fraudulent activity. France banned mail in balloting in 1975
NYT – used to say it is rife with fraud;
Jerry Nadler – Dem Leader – used to say “it’s bad if you care about integrity”
Fraudulent directives given to poll workersBack-dated entries: all ballots were supposed to be received by poll closing on Tuesday, November 3rd100 Poll workers are coming forward to testify supervisors were directing late arrived ballots be backdated, signing affidavits
Poll observers not allowed accessEach state enacted statutes as called for by US ConstitutionRepublicans were not allowed reasonable view into processPoll workers found outside supervised work area with no plausible explanation.
Ineligible voters votedDead people cast votes (where not otherwise allowed!); Ballots found where vote is cast for only President – no indicationPennsylvania shows votes cast by 100 dead people; 15 of these verified. Notably six of these registered after they’d died, and then voted!
Inaccurate countsPeople say their votes were not counted and process irregularities. Pattern shows counting was stopped when Trump started showing a large number of votes – allegedly process stopped to count mail-in ballots.Never known machines to stop in the middle of counting process.
Voting machine shows exhibits inadequate process controlsComputer ‘glitch’ in one county in Michigan caused 6,000 votes to be re-cast for Biden when intended for Trump.Dominion Software system allegedly affiliated with relatives of Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein